Keepsake Teddies

'A tight hug from me to you...just to say I Miss You'

Our Plush Keepsake Teddies allow a new, huggable way to feel close to your loved one. There are a variety to chose from all costing £25.00. The 16 inch adorable animals come with a silicone, red, heart shaped keepsake container. The containers hold approximately 6oz and can be filled with cremated remains, photos, jewellery, locke of hair, notes or anything you chose to fit. Within each teddy there is a secret compartment to store the heart.

Angel Abby

Rainbow Ralf

Pink Patch

Brown Bear

Pearl Panda

Leo Lion

Ruby Rabbit

Cutey Cat

Eliza Elephant

Porky Pig

Pretty Penguin

Henry Hippo