Fingerprint Keepsakes

In partnership with Legacy Expressions, we are committed to supplying high quality, beautiful and completely 'one off pieces'

allowing our families to choose, capture and create a unique memorial keepsake.

Popular with burials where there are no ashes to hold, or families suffering the loss of young loved one, we can customise

jewellery, pendants, ornaments and more with fingerprints, handwriting and photos.

The chosen artwork can be laser etched on the selection of products below.

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indent heart 1.png
indent oval 1.png
indent teardrop 3.png
flat heart 4.png
locked heart 5.png
cross 6.png
round 7.png
large oval 8.png
square 9.png
oval locket 10.png
heart locket 11.png
teardrop 12.png
oval 13.png
heart 14.png
heart 15.png
silver womens 16.png
silber mens 17.png
sterling silver tag 18.png
titanium tag 19.png
stainless steel tag 20.png

Sterling Silver Necklace

'Cross & Stone'