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A funeral plan is a safe, easy way to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance, whilst protecting your loved ones against any unexpected costs and uncertainty about your funeral wishes. 

Beat rising costs

Plan it your way

Peace of mind

Protect your money

Choose your funeral director

We proudly work with Golden Charter, a leading independent funeral plan provider based in Glasgow. Our plans are completely bespoke to us here at Brodies and catered to suit each clients indiviudal wishes and budget. 

The funds are held securely in trust and remains there until the time of need. When the time comes, the family have no paperwork etc to organise, we do everything with Golden Charter, taking the stress away.

If this is something you have been thinking about for yourself or another, please get in touch for a no obligation chat for more information. We are here to help.


The way that our plans work is that they are fully bespoke and cater to your needs, meaning you are not tied into a ‘packaged plan’ as such. The services are charged at today’s prices with Golden Charter’s administration fee of £249 on top.


All our services at Brodies are fully guaranteed including:

  • Collection of the deceased and being brought into our care (within 25 miles, day or night)

  • Care and preparation of the deceased while with us

  • Provision of all arrangements

  • 24 hour viewing concierge if the family wish

  • Provision of coffin of choice

  • Provision of hearse and funeral director

  • Provision of limousines and drivers (if wished/required)

  • All necessary staff and resources to arrange the service.


There are also funds built into the plan to go towards the burial/cremation fee. This is not fully guaranteed as we are not in control of these costs. If the fee for the burial/cremation rises above the amount allocated in the plan, then the family would be asked to pay the small shortfall, this is rare. If the price falls significantly below the amount allocated, the family would receive the overpayment.


As standard, the plans do not cover extras such as:

  • Orders of service/hymn sheets

  • Flowers

  • Press notices

  • Catering

  • Church/officiant fees

  • Memorial work

  • Purchase of burial lair


If you wished to have all of this covered in the plan, we can of course add funds to go towards these costs, or the family can arrange and pay for these at time of need.


There are four main payment options:

  • Single payment option

    • You can make a one-off single payment for immediate cover.

  • 12 monthly payment option

    • If you would prefer to spread the cost, you can pay over 12 monthly payments by Direct Debit at no extra charge.

  • Low-cost instalment option

    • If you would like to spread the cost over a longer period for a lower monthly payment, our low-cost instalment option offers terms of between two and 30 years payable by Direct Debit.

  • Fixed monthly payment option

    • We also offer a fixed monthly payment option where you pay a fixed monthly amount by Direct Debit, based on your age at time of application and choice of funeral plan, which is payable for life or until the age of 90.


If you would like an itemised, bespoke quote, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you. There is no obligation and you would only be contacted by the method you prefer.

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