Registration of a Death

Who Can Register a Death

All deaths in Scotland MUST be registered by a registrar, within 8 days of their occurrence, unless a Procurator Fiscal  inquiry has delayed this. This duty lies principally with a RELATIVE of the deceased, but if no such person is available, it may be carried out by any person present at death, the deceased’s legal representative or the occupier of the premises where the death took place.

Particulars Required


2. If MARRIED, WIDOWED or DIVORCED, the FULL NAME and OCCUPATION of their SPOUSE or FORMER SPOUSE/S. If still married, then the DATE OF BIRTH of spouse.

3. The FULL NAME and OCCUPATION of the deceased’s FATHER.

4. The FULL NAME including MAIDEN NAME of  deceased’s MOTHER.

5. The NAME & ADDRESS of the deceased’s usual G.P.


 The following documents should also be given to the Registrar.

A. The MEDICAL DEATH CERTIFICATE (Form 11) issued by a doctor.

B. The deceased’s MEDICAL NHS CARD (if available).

C. The deceased’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE and any MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES (if available).

What to Expect

The Registrar will retain the MEDICAL DEATH CERTIFICATE and offer to supply

(for a £10 fee)

EXTRACT OF AN ENTRY IN A REGISTER OF DEATHS (green form), which will be required for any legal or

financial purposes such as Banks, Property, Insurance or Private Pensions. You can purchase more at a later time if



The Registrar will also supply, free of charge.


(Form 14)(white form), this is required by law for the cemetery/crematorium where the burial/cremation will take place, and is usually handed to your funeral director.

A DIRECTGOV (white) form which contains a contact number and address for the Department of  Work & Pensions, where you can discuss any outstanding Benefits and make any Claims.

Review Process

As of May 2015, 10% (1 in 10) of all non Procurator Fiscal deaths can be randomly selected for a review process to scrutinize the accuracy of the Doctors completion of the Medical Death Certificate. In short, this is to check the Doctor has issued the Death Certificate for the correct reasons.

If you are selected, the Registrar, will inform you about what will happen, they will take a contact number for you and let you know when the review has been completed.

This review can take up to 48 hours, however, this is unusual and most reviews are completed quickly (2-3 hrs).

Please check the information on the Death Certificate given by the doctor as if the issuing Doctor has made a material error, such as wrong spelling of a name or date, then the Death Certificate must be returned to said Doctor to amend this error before presenting the Certificate to the Registrar.

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