How to register a death 

In Scotland

Since May 2015


Due to restrictions causing Registrar offices to close, deaths are now being registered over the phone. The doctor/health centre/hospital/SFIU department issuing the Form 11 (medical death certificate) will email this to the registrar in the deceased's locality with NOK details. The registrar will then call the NOK and complete the registration over the phone. The Form 14 will be emailed to your funeral director (the Registrar will ask your choice of funeral director at the time) and any purhcased  death certificates will be emailed and/or posted to the family.

Registration of a Death

Any death, occurring in Scotland, can be registered in any Registrar’s Office in Scotland. The registration must be completed within eight days of the death certificate being issued. Unfortunately, this is something that we cannot do for the family, the duty lies primarily with a relative, or someone who is able to provide  the information needed. The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (Form 11) must be issued a doctor before registration can take place. If there has been a material error, such as incorrect spelling or date, please return the Form 11 to the Doctor to amend before presenting to the Registrar.

What You Need

The documents required by the Registrar are:

· You MUST have the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (Form 11)

· The deceased’s Birth Certificate (if available)

· The deceased’s Marriage Certificate (if available)

· The deceased’s NHS Community Health Index number (CHI) (if available)


The specific information the Registrar requires is:

· The deceased’s full name, occupation, usual address and occupancy time

· The deceased’s date and country of birth

· The deceased's marital status

· The full name, date of birth and occupation of the deceased’s spouse or former spouse

· The full name of both the deceased’s parents (including maiden name)

· The deceased’s usual GP name and address

What Happens

The Registrar will retain the Medical Certificate of Death (Form 11) in exchange for the Certificate of Registration of Death (Form 14). The Form 14 is the only document Brodies will take from you as it is legally required by the committal location. The service cannot be booked until this form has been issued.

For no cost, you will be given an Abbreviated Extract of Death entry, this excludes the cause of death and parentage details. At a cost of £10 per copy, you can purchase a full Death Certificate. This is what must be used for any legal or financial purposes such as banks, private pensions, property post office accounts etc. You can return and purchase more at a later date if necessary.

The Registrar will also give you a DirectGov form which contains contact details and information for the DWP to discuss any outstanding benefits or to make funeral expense claims.

Review Process

As of May 2015, 10% of all non Procurator Fiscal deaths will be randomly selected for a ‘review’ of the Form 11 to scrutinise the accuracy of the Doctor’s completion. If selected, it will cause a delay on getting the Form 14 and in turn a delay on the funeral booking. You may be called for a Level 1 review of up to a 24 hour delay or a Level 2 review of up to a 48 hour delay. The Registrar will inform you what will happen and will let you know when the review is complete.

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