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What to do when someone dies?


Any death, whether expected or sudden, has its own spectrum of emotions and reactions which we as individuals experience differently. First and foremost, we are here to help. There is no right or wrong time to call, we can assist before, immediately after or when you are ready following a bereavement.

Listed below, you will find practical information on what steps to take and what to expect. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Medical Certification

When a death occurs, a medical professional legally must confirm the death by Pronouncing Life Extinct (PLE). There are different procedures and protocol to follow depending on where the death occurs. If in a hospital or care facility where medical staff are available, the PLE will be carried out, the Medical Death Certificate (Form 11) completed by a Doctor and the family or staff are able to contact us for the next step. If an expected death occurs at home, a Doctor should be contacted as soon as possible to PLE and complete a Medical Death Certificate. The family are then able to contact us. If an unexpected death occurs, the death may be referred to the Procurator Fiscal for further investigations. This can take several days and thus cause a delay on the family getting the Medical Death Certificate. We can be contacted before or after the investigations have been carried out. If a death occurs abroad, we are available any time to talk you through what to do and what to expect.


Taken into Our Care

Once we have assurance a Medical Death Certificate is going to be issued by a Doctor, we can collect your loved one and bring them into our care. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and whenever you need us, we aim to attend locally within the hour.  We pride ourselves on the care we provide in our state-of-the-art cool room facilities and your loved one will be looked after just as a member of our own family would be.


After collection of the Medical Death Certificate the only, yet most important, thing we need the family need to do is to register the death. We are not able to confirm funeral arrangements until this has been carried out. A death in Scotland can be registered in any Registrar Office in Scotland within 8 days, usually via an appointment. Upon the family’s first call with us, we would explain the procedure and recommend registration takes place as soon as possible. Please click here for full information.


Making the Arrangements

We offer a variety of services to fit every family’s wishes, faiths and budget. We sit down with the family either in one of our parlours or in the family home, to make a start on planning the funeral service. Over the phone and email arrangements can be conducted for families who are not able to get to us. We organise all details from deciding on burial or cremation, down to orders of service providing support while following the family’s requests. All statutory and necessary paperwork will be completed during the arrangement and the family will also be issued a fully itemised estimate of both our charges and of the third-party costs. We offer full care and transparency at every step of the way.


The Service

On completion of the arrangements we begin working to organise and book the service, following instruction and keeping the family up to date at every stage. We work with the officiant and organise music and photos etc, no detail is too small. If the family wish, we prepare your loved one for viewing and visitation in our chapel of rest. We value your trust in us and carry out your loved one’s unique farewell to the highest standard with our qualified, compassionate and experienced funeral directors.



Our service to the family does not end with the funeral day, we are unlimitedly available to offer further advice and support from bereavement counselling to memorialisation options.

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